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The Full Story

Hey there, wonderful patrons!

I hope this message finds you all in high spirits and filled with creativity! 🎨✨

I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting updates and plans that are brewing in the studio. As your loyal artist and business owner, I'm constantly seeking ways to grow, evolve, and bring you even more joy through my art.

Firstly, I'm thrilled to announce that I've taken a leap and joined a fantastic business group dedicated to nurturing artistic endeavors like mine. With their guidance and support, I'm determined to enhance my online space, making it an even more enjoyable and seamless experience for you all.

Now, onto the canvas! I'm thrilled to share that I'm now offering custom oil paintings of wedding bouquets for brides-to-be! Inspired by the sheer beauty and romance of these floral arrangements, I've poured my heart into every stroke. I'm beyond excited to bring the essence of these special moments to life on canvas, and I can't wait for you or your loved ones to cherish them forever.

But that's not all. In my quest to push artistic boundaries and offer you even more enriching experiences, I'm contemplating a shift in my workshops, but rest assured! This decision promises an exciting journey ahead. During this transition, I'll be hard at work crafting brand new, higher skill level classes that will take your artistic journey to dazzling new heights.

I truly believe that this period of growth and refinement will pave the way for an even more fulfilling creative journey together. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to me, and I'm endlessly grateful for each and every one of you.

So, let's embark on this adventure together, shall we? Keep your brushes ready, your imaginations soaring, and your hearts open to the beauty that awaits.

Thank you for being the incredible patrons that you are. Here's to new beginnings and endless inspiration!

Warmest wishes

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