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Well, first it has been a busy couple of weeks, which is wonderful in the life of an artist.

Some exciting news--- Holt School of Fine Arts had an Adult student Art Show at the Charlotte Art League, which I attend, so I had two pieces of art in the show --super exciting but what would have made it even better was if one or both had sold, alas they did not. Silly but that didn't seem to be as important than I thought it would be.

I joined a couple of art guilds in our area over the past few years-- which is a great way for artist to connect with other artist and with the community. As a member of the Gaston County Art Guild I had the opportunity to have two pieces of my art in the juried art show, which if selected would hang at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. This year was the most exciting because I was chosen to have one of my watercolor paintings to hang at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens this month. I am hoping to win a ribbon or maybe sale the painting.

Stay tune and I will let you know if I get a ribbon...Figures crossed

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No...Don't let anyone tell you its hard or you can't do it. Yes...Watercolor is different than some other mediums and can be hard to control, unpredictable and unforgiving, but isn't that some of the best qualities in an exciting new relationship? Ha! Ha! Embrace the lack of control and fluid nature of the medium. You will be pleasantly surprised in the outcome of just letting go and enjoying the process of putting paint on paper. With some simple instructions you will be ready to explore this exciting medium.

Why not try it? There are pros to watercolor besides the excitement of using it to create something exclusively yours. It is easier to clean up, it travels well and can be less expensive.

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