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"Gallery of Achievements: Celebrating my Artful Journey in 2023"

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on the vibrant palette of accomplishments that filled the canvas of Martha Mabe's artistic journey. This year has been a whirlwind of creativity, growth, and community engagement.

Monthly Workshops at the Mercantile: At the heart of Martha's artistic mission were the monthly workshops hosted at the Mercantile. These gatherings became not just sessions of learning but lively celebrations of creativity.

Blooms of Knowledge at Indigo Iris Flower Farms and the LOOM: Spring blossomed with workshops held amid the colorful blooms of Indigo Iris Flower Farms and the inspiring setting

of the LOOM. Participants immersed themselves in the beauty of nature, translating it onto their canvases.

Gallery Showings: Martha's art found homes in prestigious galleries, including Daniel Stowe, Matthews Art Center, Bliss Gallery, Charlotte Artist Guild, and the Rock Hill Art Center. Each exhibition showcased the evolution and diversity of her artistic expression.

Artwork on Display: From the Mercantile to the Jingle Bell Bazar and Chester Arts Center, Martha's artwork adorned various spaces, offering patrons the opportunity to bring a piece of her creativity into their lives.

Commissions and Collaborations: The year saw Martha undertaking several commissions, adding personalized touches to her portfolio. Joining artist groups like the Gaston Artist Plein

Group and Guild of Charlotte Artist opened avenues for collaborative exploration.

Looking Forward to 2024: As the canvas of 2023 unfurls, Martha sets her sights on the future. Plans for 2024 include continuing the monthly workshops at the Mercantile, expanding with extended classes in the Rock Hill/Lake Wylie area, and showcasing her art in new locations. Excitingly, Martha is slated to be the featured artist at "The Social Cork Wine Bar" in Fort Mill, SC.

2024 promises to be a year where Martha Mabe's art continues to bloom and inspire. Thank you for being a part of this colorful journey!

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