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Why Watercolor

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

I fell in love with watercolor along my artistic journey. I thought training in oil would make me a "real" artist or so I thought. Some artist give that impression--to be a "real" artist you need to work in oil or at the very least mixed media with a focus on oil.

I have found this not to be true nor have I found it takes less artistic skill and practice to work in watercolor verses other media . The benefit of working in oil is that it takes longer to dry time...aka you can scrape the paint off if you don't like the outcome. LOL-guilty!!

One of my first watercolor practice. I love the way the pen/ink works so well with the watercolor pigment. I don't think its to bad for the first attempt. This was over 3 years ago on my journey of self discovery and creating a more artistic life.

But to be totally honest--- I love all types of media---oil, watercolor, acrylics, mixed media and hope to continue to experiment and explore more along my journey.

I have meet some really talented artist and mentors. They are the ones who can help you develop your on voice. It is so important to have those people in your life. They know what you go through and the challenges facing emerging artists. You always need people around you that help and encourage you.

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